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Think of interior design as art. The room is your canvas. You choose the colors, the movement of lines, and feeling you want to invoke.

Sometimes when I struggle with trends, or I feel forces into a certain style, I just remember this. It helps to remind myself that interior design is an expression, and it’s best to stay true to myself. 

Paint Color Advice

Great Blog with Articles on Color and color consulting.

In this competitive field, you have to have something that sets you apart and makes you valuable. I believe one of the strongest skills a designer can have is understanding color and how to use it to create a winning design. Not to mention, costumers are the most desperate for someone who understands how color works.

Want to practice furniture sketching and need some good references?

is a great place to start. The sketchs of there custom furniture is easy to read, study, and duplicate. There lines are simple, and the shading is a nice addition.
just an update on the textiles for my room! I needed a way to bring this vibrant purple feeling over to where my desk was, and then I saw these rugs! They have a rough woven feeling to them, looks very much like a diy project. There also small entry rugs, so I got four of them and plan on “threading” them together to make them more fitting to the space. The price and colors made them absolutely irresistible!

For renderings, I usually gravitate more towards using software because it’s a fast way to visually test out variety of options quickly. It’s also the best way that I can get a photo-realistic rendering.

But there is something about hand rendering that’s always captured my heart. Particularly watercolor renderings. I’ve recently began to practice with renderings of my own, and I’ve been on the quest for artistic inspiration. So as I find them, I’ll be sure to post who I find! 

The first one I’ve come across is illustrator Virginia Johnson, who you may or may not know from Deborah Needleman’s book, “The perfectly Imperfect Home”. Her main trade is textiles though, and I would deffiantly check out her website to she how her watercolor designs look on pillows and handbags. 

I love the way her drawings look simple, but detailed. Her use of color is bold and beautiful. The way she incorporates white is also something I’ve payed attention to. 

The other great thing about her work in Needleman’s book is that they all are inspired by real rooms. So comparing the actual photo to her watercolor rendering is great because I’ll be able to mimic that with my own digital renderings.